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Misconceptions regarding Hydroseeding

First off, let me preface this with a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! We hope you’ve had a great day. Recently we’ve had a lot of inquiries regarding hydroseeding. Most of the questions pertain to issues with lawns where there are patches of grass that are thin, or the entire lawn is thin. I would love to say that hydroseeding is the fix all for these issues. However, hydroseed won’t take on a lawn that isn’t loose. You could technically loosen the soil and hydroseed the areas that are thin, however this won’t fix areas that are low that require loam. Another option would be to overseed. The machine we have is just that, an overseeder, the machine cuts into the ground about 3/8″ and drops seed in. This is a more cost effective way to gain thickness to the lawn. Hydroseeding is great for the areas that need to be leveled, but it isn’t the most beneficial for existing lawns unless the areas are large enough. That being said regarding existing lawns. I firmly believe that hydroseeding is the best option for a new lawn. It is more effective then regular seeding and substantially cheaper then sod. A key note, in any of those options 1. Hydroseeding 2. Sod and 3. Seed all must be taken care of with proper watering and fertilizing. A lack of water will kill sod and limit the potential for hydroseed/seed to grow. The first month is generally the most critical. You need to water regularly, generally twice a day when it is warm. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that the lawn stays moist for proper seed germination.

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