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Derro Construction Co. Acquisition

Hello all!

We are writing to formally (on our website at least) introduce the acquisition of Derro Construction Co. A little history is as follows. Derro Construction was first started by Anthony Derro in 1918. Eventually the company was taken over by his son Thomas Derro. During the time that Thomas owned/ran the company William Maggio worked and ran the day to day operations. Eventually William would go on to purchase the company from Thomas. William ran the company for many years until his sons Richard and Bobby took the company over. Last year Richard and Bobby retired and offered the company to Ronald (their uncle). Ronald obliged and took over the company. Ronald’s mother was a Derro so the company has sentimental value. In a year and a half the company will be in business 100 years.

With that being said, we have always done similar type of work. We are now very much focused on continuing the Derro name and installing drainage systems(perimeter drains) in homes as well as sump pumps. We are also installing Humidex systems. These systems make 5 air changes a day in the basement of your home. It is a superior option to a dehumidifier. If you are looking to inquire about waterproofing, drainage systems or the Humidex system please give us a call.

Happy Spring to everyone!

Ronny Maggio Jr

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